October 6, 2009

Love and Bye

Viney and you, in the love ball,
All problems, God will solve.
We were best friends,
Now we are even more.
You don't know how much,
of you I really adore.

You are sweet, You are kind,
You are always on my mind.
I can't get you out,
I love you a lot.
More than you ever thought,
Our friendship is more that a dot.

Well you are of that kind,
who is in my thoughts, Who is in my mind.

No matter what people says,
you will always be my best friend whom i praise.
Two peas in pod, love is our god,
We will remain together,
like a way with road.

I fell in love with my best friend,
I never changes as with trend.
I am sorry to say, I have to go,
To spent my life while holding your elbow.

Good By for now, Give me a smile,
Never drop tears, Never Get exile.

© Viney Pushkarna