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Welcome 2 Family

Family is heaven,
Sent from our father above.
In our family everyone,
Bonded by power of love.
No matter what all families,
Has each others back.
But we are special to being together,
When push comes to shove.

Welcome to our family.
While there are five members,
In our Native Home.
Our father - Our mother,
We two brothers & a dog.
So when you talk of family life,
Or how it used to be.
Though many had more money,
But none were as rich as me.

Welcome to our family
Family is an understanding,
It never means demanding.
We live all in one & one in all,
We shall never leave you alone standing.

Welcome to our family.
While our family is,
complete in its self.
But we still missing,
A member to ring the bell.
Who make a new world by singing,
ad mix with us like water and jell.

welcome to our family.
We need a person,
Who complete my brother.
We need a person,
Who being a friend of our mother.
I need a bhabhi,
Who values a lot for me.
A member become unit with us,
Who take care of our father.

Welcome to our family.
Family is one in itself,
My love is your love.
Your pain is my pain,
My wealth is your wealth.
Here's the PUSHKARNA'S who promise,
That we never leave you by yourself.

Welcome to our family.
Family is forgiveness and patience,
It's sweet than the sweetest fragrances.
And power of our family is a reflection of god,
Which is god's compassion and magnificence.
Welcome to our family.
We wish to have a happy family,
That is always in our pray.
We are the R.V Pushkarna Brothers,
Writer is Rajan's brother Viney.
God you must fullfil all desires,
So coming everyday must a good-day.

Welcome to our family.

© All rights Reserved By Pushkarna Brothers

© Viney Pushkarna