May 11, 2009

Good Bye

As i look up at the stars at night,
And think of times we shared.
Memories come flooding back,
They all show how much you cared.

Your kind and gentle nature,
Your smile so big and wide.
Thinking of these things,
I know your always by my side.

You've been a friend when times were hard,
You've been a friend i can trust.
In my heart u will always stay,
Let god take care of you I must.

In life its hard to find a friend,
A friend so special and true.
Whenever I think of this friend,
In my heart always I think of you.

Its Viney Saying, by holding heart,
It don't want, but its new start.
I have to go to achieve new peeks of success,
It doesn't mean you will be not its part.

Pushkarna's promise, we will met again in life,
Never i will forget you in this mob.
We will remain good friends forever,
Even while busy in our job.

I'm sorry to say good bye for now,
Coz i haven't more time to stay.
But our friendship will be deep,
As i pass my single day.

Good bye for now.

© Viney Pushkarna